Close ‘Em & Clothe ‘Em (TLI, June 2014)

At 1:20pm on Saturday, June 14, 2014, I gave this workshop as the final presentation of the day at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute, District 45, Division B (Portland TLI), hosted in the Home Office 1 (HO1) Building at UNUM, in Portland, Maine.

As most of the TLI was focused on recruiting and retaining members in Toastmasters clubs, this original workshop had been hyped throughout the day’s events.

This presentation is a RE-presentation of the same workshop that I gave three weeks previously at the District 45 Spring Conference on May 24, 2014, also titled, Close ‘Em & Clothe ‘Em. Following that first presentation in May, I was in subsequent email correspondence with one of District 45’s most extremely skilled speakers. He gave me some very hard-core, tough, and all-excellent feedback on that original version. After I had been asked to re-present this workshop for the TLI on June 14th, I made some tweaks and improvements based on that excellent speaker’s evaluation. Viewers who watch both video will be able to pick out the changes.

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