My Mentor, Joe Grondin, Wins 1st in SemiFinals 2015

Joe Grondin is an amazing speaker. He is the 5-time 1st Place Winner of District 45 Toastmasters International Speech Contest. (Joe is on the middle-right in the pic.)

I have been blessed to have him as my mentor for the past year. At the last District 45 Conference last May, I was honored to win 3rd Place after his 1st Place win in the International Speech Contest.

On Thursday, August 13, 2015, Joe Grondin won 1st Place in his SemiFinal contest at the international contests in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. That places him in the Top 10 of the World.

On Saturday, August 15, 2015, Joe will be competing against the other remaining winners of the 9 other SemiFinals contests, in tjhe World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS).

It is truly an honor to be mentored by one who is truly “among the greats!”

Go Joe!

Joe Grondin wins 1st Place in SemiFinals for WCPS on Thursday 2015-08-14

See my pic of Joe Grondin wins 1st in SemiFinals for WCPS 2015 on Pinterest.

PIC courtesy of District 45 District Director Sandra Hachey who posted it on social media.

July 1, 2013 – I am a DTM !

On July 1st, 2013, it became official:

I am a DTM,
a Distinguished Toastmaster.

To explain what this means, here is the letter that Toastmasters International emailed to my business to announce the achievement.

Dear Employer,

I am pleased to inform you that Mark Henkel has been recognized as a Distinguished Toastmaster for participation in the Toastmasters International educational program.

Distinguished Toastmaster recognition is the greatest honor that can be earned by a member of the Toastmasters organization. To receive the honor, a member must have participated in Toastmasters’ Communication and Leadership Program and met other rigorous requirements. Members must conduct several seminar-style programs, serve as a leader at several different organizational levels, form or rebuild a Toastmasters club, and complete other challenging tasks. To achieve Distinguished Toastmaster status involves years of study, dedication, self-discipline, and active participation in the Toastmasters organization.

By achieving Distinguished Toastmaster recognition, Toastmaster Henkel has developed and sharpened effective communication and leadership skills, and applied these skills in professional and community activities to the benefit of others.

Only a few of the more than 260,000 members of our organization ever achieve this recognition. I know that the remarkable accomplishment of Toastmaster Henkel will be of special interest to you and your associates.


Daniel Rex
Executive Director

Out of those rare few Toastmasters who do achieve the DTM, it usually takes them 7 – 15 years to achieve. I was able to achieve this in less than three years. Needless to say, I am stoked!

So, now I can put these letters after my name:

Mark Henkel, DTM

Website Begun

This web-site was created so as to post articles and videos of my public speaking activities that are not connected to anything political.