Introduce Yourself!

Introduce Yourself! (Write Your OWN Introductions) – This video has been posted to the MarkHenkelSpeaker youtube channel today.

This speech was presented on November 20, 2012, for my third time through the CC, Speech Project #7, Research Your Topic. Using a play on words in the title, the content is intended to help offer guidance on helping everyone create their OWN Introductions to give to the Toastmaster/Emcee/Introducer to use for the speech introduction.

A printed “Introduce Yourself!” [handout] was also provided and distributed after the presentation. It is also displayed at the end of the video. The specific URLs of bibliography are more clearly readable on this “Introduce Yourself!” [handout] than on the video.

Enjoy! So when you are giving a speech, remember to write your own introductions to your own speeches. Remember to…
Introduce Yourself!

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