Two 2nd Place Trophies at Division Fall Contests

2nd Place Trophies for both Div B Fall Contests 2014

Division B, District 45

October 4, 2014
Rockport Opera House
Rockport Maine, US

Venue - Div B Fall Contests 2014 - 300x225

Two speaking-contests were conducted by
Division B, of District 45, of Toastmasters International.
This Division comprises all of Maine and part of coastal southern New Hampshire.



I won 2nd Place for my speech titled,
How Do You Spell That?

It was fun enlisting the audience to ask the title-question out loud throughout the speech.


EVALUATION (speech) Contest

I won 2nd Place for the Evalution I had presented off-the-cuff for a target-speech (which all contestants observed and evaluated).


My own specific goals for these two contests were mostly centered as being preparation for the INTERNATIONAL SPEECH Contest coming in the Spring 2015. As I will not be able to attend the District 45 Fall Conference on October 24-26, 2014, in Prince Edward Island, Canada, I am perfectly fine with finishing with 2nd Place here.

Although I am certainly not complaining, I will admit that it is not easy to hold two trophies and two certificates at the same time!


This was fun!

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