Competing in District 45 Table Topics Contest – May 17, 2015

Having earned/won my way up (past the lower levels), I was honored to compete in the District 45 Toastmasters Table Topics ™ Contest, conducted at the District 45 Toastmasters Spring Conference, on May 15-17, 2015, at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The embedded video here (above) shows the impromptu speech I gave in response to the following question:
“What childhood toy did you want that you never received as a child?”

This was a particularly difficult question for contestants (such as myself) who had not had that specific experience. Although I did not have a directly personal experience in my own life with which to more easily answer the Table Topics ™ question, I still gave a fun & creative answer.

Overall, the Table Topics ™ contest was truly fun, and the other contestants gave some fantastic replies!

Mark Henkel - Table Topics - D45 2015-05-16 - 1

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