Do You Want to be a Competent Communicator?

Do You Want to be a Competent Communicator? – This video has been posted to the MarkHenkelSpeaker youtube channel today.

This speech was presented on April 16, 2013, at Running Hill Toastmasters Club where I am currently the Club Coach. Working toward my second ACB, this presentation is from the “Specialty Speeches” manual, Project #3, Sell a Product. As I have done with other speech titles, this also uses a play on words in the title. To anyone who is NOT a Toastmaster, this speech asks the question: “Do you want to be a Competent Communicator?” Anyone who IS a Toastmaster will recognize the humorously intentional play-on-words of that question.

The speech explains how the 10 speech projects of the CC (i.e., the Competent Communicator) manual in Toastmasters build upon each previous project, with the whole manual being comprised of what I call the “4 Segments.”

  1. BUILD (Projects #1-3)
  2. TWEAK (Projects #4-6)
  3. TOOL (Projects #7-8)
  4. CONNECT (Projects #9-10)

If you want to become a Competent Communicator in your personal and/or professional life, this speech is a “must see.” If you wonder WHY you would want to join Toastmasters to become a Competent Communicator, this speech breaks it down.

Additionally, if you are a new Toastmaster, this speech also explains and inspires why you would want to be doing your speech projects as much and as frequently as you can.

Do You Want to be a Competent Communicator?

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